Launching in 2019, SILT MTB was introduced to the market as the first single disc ratchet drive system. We’ve been constantly developing, and refining the SILT range and going into year 4, we’re now the proud technical wheel partners of two UCI World cup DH teams, along with a long list of talented privateers.


Free Service Kit which includes 2x ratchet tools & an axle slot tool.

Full responsive IBD support contact person.

Hubs & Rims available to sell / build separately.


All SILT MTB wheels come with a 3-year warranty against material, or workmanship defects. The warranty period commences from the date of purchase.


If your wheels are damaged as a result of a crash; SILT MTB will replace ONE rim completely free of charge, and for any future rim replacements, we will offer you these at 50% cost. All we ask is that you pay the shipping fee to you.