The "Kymi" Rim

The "Kymi" Rim



Since the start of 2023, we have been hard at work developing the next generation of SILT MTB wheels. With an aim to build them stronger, faster & more compliant than ever. Specifically, we wanted a wheelset designed to survive the most brutal hits & knocks of even the most serious disciplines. After continuous development, we produced an effective prototype, but it needed field testing.


We needed a group of serious riders who wouldn’t hold back. A different calibre of athlete who would not only try to destroy the rim but collaborate with us, to make it the best it can be. Who better than say...

...two elite World Cup Downhill Teams?


Alongside some of the best privateers around, we equipped Propain Positive & Unior Sinter with the newly developed rims and after a long season of travelling the world & flying down the crème de la crème of downhill tracks We had the feedback we needed. Over the racing season, we refined & finalised a super compliant, extremely robust rim, that's designed to fit & forget. Utilised by our Downhill & Enduro Wheelsets, we'd like to introduce our "Kymi" Rim.


Developed in Belfast & born in the mountains of Greece. Our new rim design is named after where it was first put to the test, the town of “Kymi” just outside of Athens. Offering you the ability to choose your spoke count, rim size & decal color. 

Check them out!


“We’re super excited to partner up with SILT for 2023 and beyond. Pretty cool to see the graft and love the fellas at the company put into their products. I’m impressed by how fast they roll.” - Phil Atwill (owner of Propain Positive)